Maachli Homestay - The best of both worlds

Maachli Homestay - The best of both worlds

Surrounded by a naturally grown forest, this home-stay is cleverly built so it circulates the fresh air from the outside, and requiring no artificial air conditioning.
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Surrounded by a naturally grown forest, this home-stay was built in accordance with the laws of nature.

The rooms themselves are distanced from each other, encasing the occupants in noiseless silence. Cleverly built in such a way that they circulate the fresh green air from the outside, the place requires no artificial air conditioning whatsoever.

The organically grown vegetables are cooked and served in traditional earthen pots; and the tableware, along with the cutlery are completely environment-friendly.

As you lie on the bed after a scrumptious dinner, the bed soothes your aching muscles while the gentle hustle from the trees calms your rushed mind.

After an equally wonderful breakfast, you are invited for a walk along with the guide. As you tread the tiny path that slithers up the hill, there lies a plateau at the top, a ten-minute walk away. Golden grass makes up most of the land beyond which the green trees of the neighboring hill can be seen. An unforgettable walk in the morning which makes you never want to leave.

The physical length of the stay might have lasted only for twenty-four odd hours, but as you walk out, you realize that the experience itself was simply timeless.

Drive for fifteen minutes westward and you reach one of the best beaches on the Konkan coast. With silky smooth sand, black porous rocks and bordered by tall coconut trees, it is one of the best places to catch the sunset.

Why Maachli is the perfect sleep destination
  • The network signals being few and rare, providing you with the much-needed relief from the constantly ringing phone.
  • Everything in the room from the mattress to the natural cool air creates an ambiance that lets you not just sleep, but de-stress yourself wholly and completely.
  • And a good night’s rest later, you will find yourself waking up to the beautiful sight of trees that lie just beyond your window.
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