BUDAPEST - Full of suprises!

BUDAPEST - Full of suprises!

Check in – done. We’re ready to hit Budapest and enjoy a new city. The future belongs to those who love to discover new places, and Budapest, trust us, is full of surprises.
We love to travel and we love to sleep well in comfy pajamas. This is the reason why we choose to sleep more and travel a lot.
Put the alarm on snooze!

La vie en rose starts with a big coffee and a little fun session with your loved one early in the morning.

Discover the city by walk!

Make sure your camera is full charged, because you will need it at every corner. Budapest hides so many Instagram-friendly spots, and it would be a shame not to share this beauty with your friends and family. Ready, set, go!

Ice cream break!

The weather in Budapest is lovely this time of the year: sunny all the way. It is perfect for a big cone of homemade Hungarian ice cream. Try them all: from dark chocolate to passion fruit, they are all delicious. Mmmm…tasty!

Get on the top of the Fisherman’s Bastion!

This dreamy place looks like something straight out of the Disney movies. It’s magical and romantic. Watch the sunset in your lover’s arms, while the charm of the city embraces you.

Take a panoramic picture of the Hungarian Palace of the Parliament!

Once you’re on the top of the city, you will enjoy the most spectacular view Budapest has to offer. Isn’t it great to know that tourists from across over the world are trying for the same perfect shot as you are? So, be patient, and you will eventually get it. Eventually. Ha, ha! 😀

Visit Mathias’s Church

Right next to the Fisherman’s Bastion, is the beautiful gothic Mathias’s church. Get up close and spot the beautiful green and orange details. Our tip: Make time to check out the interior. It will leave you speechless.

Refill your soul with good vibes at the St. Stephen’s Basilica

It’s very easy to get to this landmark because it’s really close to the centre of Budapest. We don’t know if you can visualise from this picture just how big it is. It’s huge!

Take a romantic cruise at night

Budapest is beautifully lit when the sun goes down. Book a ticket for a river cruise on the Danube at night. Enjoy a romantic evening with your lover, while drinking a glass of wine as you cross the river.

Dinner: New York Café

This lavish restaurant makes you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. Make sure to look up at the ceiling and enjoy this building’s amazing architecture.

Enjoy a candle-lit pasta dinner, as the piano plays in the big hallway.
Make sure you’ve checked all the steps above, and repeat it all over again. Sooner than later, you’ll fall in love with Budapest.
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