Love Is...

Love Is...

Love is...

..Making me laugh

An innocent wave, an exciting conversation,
A bond of serenity and moments of great joy.
Taking turns to shade each other from the searing heat,
Cuddling in cosy pajamas in chilly cold.Chuckling, giggling and making merry,
What more can one ask of, or offer to the other?
a snap of fun here and a spark of cheer there,
A life of unbounded happiness that keeps track of neither time nor day.

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Love is...

..suprising Her

The gentle apparel envelopes her, putting her body to rest and mind at ease,
A subtle tap on the shoulder to wake her from this deepened sleep.

Sleepy eyes make way for widened ones,
Breakfast-in-bed in the company of the white streaks from the sun.

Memories will fade while images may a little longer stay,
The sense of surprise though can never truly ebb away.

Love is...

..enjoying me time

The meeting can be rescheduled, the call missed, re-dialed,
Needed here, wanted there, seen with here and to be seen there.

Everybody can have a piece of me, but my time will remain unmeddled,
The unparalleled significance of calm breaths in a snug outfit,
I am very much aware.

Love is...

..morning coffee

The ground coffee sparks the torpid mind, inciting new perspectives to play,
The lively threads lull it to sleep, inducing closure to a long day.

Life has ups and downs, goes round and round or so they say,
We simply laugh and move forth for we all have roles to play.

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