Hanisha, Vikki & Happy

Hanisha, Vikki & Happy

You adopt a dog and it rescues you! Indies are very cute, happy, active and healthy dogs. Adopt a dog and it keeps your spirits high!
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I am Hanisha Bobba, currently working as an IT professional residing in Hyderabad.

Since I was a kid I was always fond of dogs. I remember a moment in my life when I was about 13-14 years old when my dad took me to a dog show. There were many stalls selling dogs but there was one stall where a guy came to me and handed over a pamphlet and said “Please adopt a dog, don’t shop” and somehow it stuck with me through-out.

There was a very tough time in my life when I was about 28 years old. I was quite discouraged and I got a suggestion to bring a dog. As “adopt a dog” stuck with me all the while, we were looking for a dog and there was a cute pup I came across on facebook whose mom died in an accident and few IT professionals were fostering a litter of 5 puppies. I decided to adopt this boy and named him “Vikki”. We got Vikki to our house and he made our house a wonderful and happy home.There wasn’t a day that would go without me playing and talking with Vikki. He gives me a lot of joy, well tough phases in life do come but with Vikki as a companian I felt at ease to handle them. He definitely encourages me to keep loving and keep smiling.

Once Vikki entered our lives we were able to see through each dog's eyes and feel the soul behind them. Since then I just could see any dog in pain and started my rescue journey, fostering and trying to get dogs adopted. In this process we have another dog named “Happy” who was added to our family after a failed adoption by another family. She is one extremely naughty doggy, but has very very cute eyes and gets her way out! Ha ha!

Vikki is a 4 year old boy as of today, who came to me on 1st May 2019 when he was about 3 months old.

We enjoy each other's company. Vikki is a handsome boy! We always have people asking us what breed he is, where did we buy him from? etc,. He gets a lot of attention when we take him for walks and enjoys running at high speeds when he is chasing.

In the kitchen when the cooker gives steam whistles he knows its chicken for him and listens to whatever you say or ask him to do. Vikki doesn't like cuddles much, very strange I know! and if he hears the word “Bath” you will see his eyes pop out and there is so much stress on his face! hates bathing! When Vikki wants attention and we are busy watching TV or anything, he will stare at us till we sit with him and pat him.

Happy loves only one thing in her life and that is “FOOD” She can eat 24*7. Her entertainment is food.

If you have food in our hand she is the most obedient dog in the world! She gets super excited when we have guests, such a people person she is! If you pet her she is straight on your lap for the rest of the day! She loves going into the water and playing around!

When “Happy” misses us she will come straight out and lie on our feet. She licks our ears to express her love when we kiss her and play with her.

Love is...
...spending quality time together for 15 minutes and you feel recharged for the rest of the day!
My dogs and I watch sunset by the lake every evening and it feels so refreshing, I always look forward to this moment every day.

My Message: You adopt a dog and it rescues you! Adopting an Indie and watching it grow makes you so content thinking about the life it would have had and what it is having today with you. Indies are very cute, happy, active and healthy dogs. Indies are very special with their amazing patches! Adopt a dog and it keeps your spirits high.

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