Amulya & Mogi

Amulya & Mogi

I am really lucky to have Mogi in my life. She has taught me a great deal about the behavioural needs of dogs.
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My name is Amulya and I am really lucky to have Mogi in my life. She has taught me a great deal about the behavioural needs of dogs. I am a veterinarian by profession and a vegan too! My husband's name is Dhananjay and he is a software engineer by profession. Although I have grown up with pet animals around me, Mogi is the first ever pet in Dhananjay's life.

My maternal grandmother loved all forms of life and there was never a time when there were no animals at her home. So my first interaction with a pet would have been when I was a baby.

Mogi is a 1 year old female Indie. She loves playing with her friends Padma and Max. She loves going on walks and car rides. Her favourite treat is popcorn and would do anything to share from your plate! She also loves cats. Mogi is afraid of sudden movements and apprehensive of tall people who tower over her - especially men.

Mogi has enriched our life in several ways - emotionally as well as physically. She has taught us to be more sensitive and caring, she has made us more responsible humans and makes sure we take her outside and catch as much fresh air as possible! It is good exercise for us to take her out on walks and playing with her definitely contributes to our mental and physical fitness.

Love is..
..a puppy's kiss!

Mogi loves to express her love by pawing at us and nibbling our nose! I think it is the cutest way to express love and excitement. She loves playing by running around open fields or all around the house - she loves to play fetch and her favourite playmate is Padma, our friend's dog. Mogi never gets tired of playing - she could go on for hours.

"Mogi" means "beloved" or "darling" in Konkani. Mogi is a very talented puppy - she uses buttons to "talk" to us ! These are buttons with voice recordings of words she presses to communicate her wants, needs, feelings and thoughts!

Message: Adopt, don't shop. Animals are not commodities to be purchased or sold. Do your research before adopting one as they are a committment for life. Be kind to every kind.

If you cannot adopt, foster an animal in need. Rescuing and fostering saves lives! Animal shelters are overburdened with sick and injured animals and often understaffed. Dropping off an animal at a rescue home or shelter for animals should only be done when the animal needs expert veterinary care. They would be much happier and a higher chance of being healthy outside of a shelter environment.

If you cannot foster, volunteer your time or skills at an organisation that caters to free roaming animals. If you cannot volunteer, donate - in cash and kind. It goes a long way!

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