The Fashion Capital


For modern couples who have a weakness for social media, travel and shopping, we’ve found the best destination for an escape: Milan.

Your holiday will begin with “Ciao, bella!”, and will continue with many moments of amazement.

The Duomo Cathedral will leave you speechless. It is hard not to stop in front of every magnificent showcase in the Vittorio Emanuelle Gallery. Finally, your trip will end with a fear of getting up on the weighing scale, because the keywords for every Italian holiday are pizza, pasta and gelato. You really cannot contradict the Italians when it comes to food!

Milan, to summarise, means: Instagram-friendly corners everywhere, cheat day throughout the weekend, and good vibes all the way. The Italians will prune you with their lust for life and … pizza. Who would not like such an escape?

To do list in Milan

The only negative aspect of any city-break is that it will pass very quickly. You have to organize your time so that you take full advantage of every minute. We are used to prioritizing each minute of your vacation with a list of what we have to do, which we always write in the first morning of our trips, when we enjoy our coffees in the pajamas.

This list will help you not to forget anything, so you will be able to fulfill your expectations.

Here is our list for a perfect day in Milan

  • Enjoy an Italian cappuccino while looking at the city from the top.
  • Ride down the narrow streets of the city.
  • Explore the surroundings. Milano Bergamo is an excellent idea!
  • Treat yourself with a shopping session. It’s a must!
  • Take your lunch in a nice place. Do not be afraid to choose everything you wish from the menu!  • Stop the time with a kiss in front of the Duomo Cathedral when the sun sets.

Wherever you are a good morning starts with Nordlich!

Milan, Italy with Nordlich and Christian & Renata

Morning rituals for couples –

Tell us how you start your day and we will tell you how it will go! Let’s admit that a good day begins in the morning and that’s the reason why this key moment of the day should be relaxing, but also full of ener- gy in every trip. The secret for the next 24 hours to be fabulous is hidden in the morning pajamas rituals. So, rise and shine but before:

• Give yourself a few minutes to enjoy the smooth touch of the pajamas you wear while sharing the expecta- tions you have for that day with your partner. From our own experience we can tell you that it is very good to confess your ideas honestly and of course to be open to the suggestions of the other. You will convince your- self that once you carry the right pajamas no idea will look too crazy! You are on vacation, so take advantage of everything that goes into your way.

Whatever the corners of the globe you are in, nothing compares to a cup of coffee enjoyed in your favorite pajamas, so do not skip this ritual. It will give you enough energy to take advantage of the whole day. It doesn’t matter how many teaspoons of sugar you will add because you will convience yourself that when you are on vacation, coffee has the best taste.