Holding Christian’s hand, I fell asleep on the flight to Sicily. I remember waking up to a breath-taking view from the clouds: the sea was kissing the sand and the sky appeared like cotton candy.

Time flies when you’re traveling with your soul mate. This is probably why you should make a list before landing at a new destination. It won’t be easy writing down all the crazy ideas you both have, but it’s a good way to stay organized during the trip.

Here’s our list of things to do in Sicily:

Nordlich X Christian Renata - Sicily - Authentic Italian Vibes

Be Grateful!

Remember that you’re lucky to experience the beauty of Sicily. Waking up, don’t forget to smile and send good vibes only. The secret to a great holiday is enjoying every moment of it, knowing that these memories will last for this lifetime. Spend quality time with your loved one in the morning wearing your favourite PJs, laugh, plan your day and be grateful!

Buon appetito!

We arrived in Sicily in the evening, so our Italian experience began with dinner. Try as much food as you possible can. We ate an amazing traditional appetizer with baby mozzarellas, rice and croquettes. After that we ordered a pizza. It is strongly advised to forget any diet restrictions right after you arrive in Sicily, simply because the food is irresistible! We also recommend a bottle of authentic wine ‘Passito’, which is sweet and aromatic, perfect for summer nights.

Find happiness in a Gelato Muffin. It is surprising how the smallest of things can make you so happy. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you try the authentic Italian dessert, the ‘Gelato Muffin’. In short, it is ice-cream inside a muffin, and probably the best thing you’ll ever have eaten.

Nordlich X Christian Renata - Sicily - Buon Appetito

A different beach each day

It would be a shame not to visit (all) the beautiful beaches in Sicily. The seaside is just so beautiful to swim together right until the sun goes down.

Mondello is a perfect beach if you want to feel the Italian vacation vibes

Terrasini and Sferracavallo are great choices for a perfect tan

Nordlich X Christian Renata - Sicily - Sferracavallo Beach
Nordlich X Christian Renata - Sicily - Sferracavallo Beach
Nordlich X Christian Renata - Sicily - Terrasini Beach
Nordlich X Christian Renata - Sicily - Terrasini Beach

Breathe the authentic Italian vibes

Our favourite spot from Sicily was definitely the village of Cefalu. We loved discovering it on foot, walking down holding hands. A small, quiet and typical Italian village, Cefalu will charm you with its chic streets and colourful balconies. It is something quite out of a movie. The golden hour is especially magical and romantic. The sunset bathes the houses in warm light while the waves embrace the beach.

Nordlich X Christian Renata - Sicily - Cefalu

Drink your coffee in a historical spot

Get an early start, so you can discover the historical city of Palermo during the first hours of the day. There are so many buildings with amazing architecture and spectacular details. Cattedrale di Palermo is one of the most important places of the city. The early morning wake-up will be worth it because you’ll get to the cathedral before most of the tourists do. Enjoy the view and take a lot of pictures!

Nordlich X Christian Renata - Sicily - Palermo
Nordlich X Christian Renata - Sicily - Palermo
Nordlich X Christian Renata - Sicily - Palermo