Appurva & Sorab

Appurva and Sorab are models. They model individually and as a couple.They met in July 2016 and have been making memories and having fun since. They are currently focused on their couples blog “cupid tales“, that showcases lifestyle and fashion.

Nordlich The Cupid Tales

We both grew so used to each other, so comfortable with the naturalness and ease of our friendship, that we became sloppy about keeping our relationship a secret. It was not that we were physically demonstrative or obviously in love, more that it had become impossible for us to hide our close involvement. We had gradually acquired the unmistakable air of old-love: finishing each other’s sentences and speaking to each other with an offhand, presuming intimacy that was eventually noticed.

What she loves about him

I love how loyal he is. He always makes me happy and surprises me with all the little things. He protects and cares for me, and supports my every decision. His family treats me like their own daughter. He has an amazing sense of humour that always makes me laugh. He opens up to me, and shares his mind. He loves to spend as much time with me as possible. He is driven and ambitious. He is my best friend and I can be myself around him. I appreciate all the things he does for me, big and small.

What he loves about her

I love her because she means what she says, and does not have double standards. She is very understanding and mature. She is grounded to her values and is very caring. I love how she wants me to rise and succeed. She melts away the day’s tiredness and tension. She is the prettiest girl I know. I love the depth of her eyes. She has changed me for the better, and I can confidently say she’s the one I am meant to be with.


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