Tia & Tony

Introduced by mutual friends in 2013, it wasn’t until almost a year later, that this great love story began. They’ve been together since 2014, and got married in July 2016. They live in Toronto, Canada.

Here’s to Tia & Tony, and the love they share!

Tia Bhuva & Tony Love Is Nordlich Alastaire Couples Nightset

What she loves about him

He’s so considerate of all my weird quirks. I hate drumsticks so he saves me his wings. I love taking photos so he doesn’t complain when its takes forever to get the right shot. I don’t like handling raw meat so he does all the cutting and prepping. He warms up my car on cold days so I won’t be cold. I love him, and I love the way he loves me.

What he loves about her

She’s a kid at heart and always takes time to smell the roses. She loves unconditionally and lives every day with a positive attitude. I never thought that I would find someone like her who would love me the way she does… I mean, she sings songs about me.


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