Malvika & Prateek

Malvika and Prateek are bloggers. They’ve been together since early 2016. They share a common love for food, travel, fashion, lifestyle and more.

Checkout their instagram handle TheStupidHeads.

the stupid heads
the stupid heads

We met for the first time in connection with a work meeting, but somehow things didn’t materialize. We added each other on Facebook, but didn’t meet for almost an entire year. In early 2016, we started talking to each other for another work project. We were discussing work on WhatsApp and we just connected very well with each other. We didn’t realize but within the span of a few months, we bonded really well. We started our blog, TSH, and the journey has been amazing. We are best friends forever.

I love his calm attitude; he balances things between us so well!

– Malvika

I love her confidence and the language of her eyes

– Prateek