Meenakshi & Ravi Teja

Meenakshi is a blogger and Ravi Teja is a cricketer. They met during his IPL matches. They’ve been together for over 5 years.

From a short meeting to happily married, read their story.

Meenakshi is a blogger and Ravi Teja is a cricketer. They were introduced by a common friend during his IPL matches. He invited her to watch him play game. For the first time ever, they won the match in their home ground, and he believed she was his lucky charm! A short unexpected meeting turned to friendship, and they ended up each others’ soulmates.

What she loves about him

I love that he involves me in every decision he makes. When he is away for his matches, he takes the time to call or send me text messages. It makes me feel very special. He is patient, understanding and believes in me. He is always there for me, and supports me, when I have to make important decisions.

What he loves about her

I love her just the way she is – bubbly and full of life. She goes out of her way to make me laugh and feel good. She is mature beyond her years, and is a very confident person. I am proud of her, and am blessed to have her in my life.


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