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Budapest Full of Surprises

Full of Surprises BUDAPEST We love to travel and we love to sleep well in comfy pajamas. This is the reason why we choose to sleep more and travel a lot. Check in – done. We’re ready to hit Budapest and enjoy a new city. The future belongs to those who love to discover new […]

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Nordlich Travel Tourism Milan Sleep Destination

Milan – The Fashion Capital

The Fashion Capital MILAN For modern couples who have a weakness for social media, travel and shopping, we’ve found the best destination for an escape: Milan. Your holiday will begin with “Ciao, bella!”, and will continue with many moments of amazement. The Duomo Cathedral will leave you speechless. It is hard not to stop in […]

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Paris with Nordlich and Christian & Renata

Paris is always a good idea!

A Romantic destination PARIS It starts with a simple “Bonjour!” and ends with a love for Paris that you will always carry in your hearts. Known as the city of eternal love or the city of lights, Paris is a good idea for everyone. At least once in a lifetime, you have to inhale the […]

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Nordlich - Sleep Destination - The Machan - Lonavla

Get a ‘high’ at the Machan

A unique eco resort with tree houses rising 30-45 feet above the forest. Located in Jambulne, Machan is the perfect destination for the nature lover, bird lover, photographer and the peace seeker. This is one of the 25 biological hotspots of the world and home to around 30 species of […]

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