Womens Shrugs

Womens Shrugs

The hand-woven Ikat fabric created by skilled weavers embellished with white cotton pom-poms makes the shrug a fashionable add-on for any attire and all occasions


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Ikat Purple Honeycomb Womens ShrugIkat Purple Honeycomb Womens Shrug
Ikat Red Waves Womens ShrugIkat Red Waves Womens Shrug
Ikat White-Red Patterned Womens ShrugIkat White-Red Patterned Womens Shrug
Ikat Multicolor Waves Womens ShrugIkat Multicolor Waves Womens Shrug
Ikat Green Hearts Womens ShrugIkat Green Hearts Womens Shrug
Ikat Blue-White Chevrons Womens ShrugIkat Blue-White Chevrons Womens Shrug
Ikat Pink-Slate Womens ShrugIkat Pink-Slate Womens Shrug
Ikat Green-Brown Womens ShrugIkat Green-Brown Womens Shrug
Ikat Grey-White Womens ShrugIkat Grey-White Womens Shrug
Ikat Peach Womens ShrugIkat Peach Womens Shrug
ColorWeaveIkat Peach Womens Shrug
Sale priceRs. 2,299.00
Ikat Peacock Blue Womens ShrugIkat Peacock Blue Womens Shrug
Ikat Teal & Grey Womens ShrugIkat Teal & Grey Womens Shrug
Ikat Mauve & Teal Womens ShrugIkat Mauve & Teal Womens Shrug
Ikat Purple Womens ShrugIkat Purple Womens Shrug
ColorWeaveIkat Purple Womens Shrug
Sale priceRs. 2,299.00
Ikat Slate Grey Womens ShrugIkat Slate Grey Womens Shrug
Ikat Pink Womens ShrugIkat Pink Womens Shrug
ColorWeaveIkat Pink Womens Shrug
Sale priceRs. 2,299.00
Ikat Burnt Blue Womens ShrugIkat Burnt Blue Womens Shrug
Ikat Multicolor Womens ShrugIkat Multicolor Womens Shrug

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