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Nördlich is from German origin.

It means ‘to the north’.

It symbolises our constant endeavour for progress & upward evolution. This is our core ideology, and is reflected in every aspect of the brand from perfection in design, to quality in production, and uncompromising in ethics.

 Nordlich prides itself in creating its apparel with the utmost care.

We ensure all fabrics are pre-shrunk and produced using industry approved manufacturing processes.

Sleep is undoubtedly the most important activity to relax and unwind. We believe that comfortable clothing puts the body and mind at ease, and contributes to well-being. At the heart of this philosophy is the nightwear we design and create; comfortable, soft, and lightweight clothing, to help induce serene sleep.

More than just clothing!

Our clothing is themed to connect with personalities of consumers. Some like classic stripes, and some like prints with a story.

Our current themes, nautical and vintage, are designed for these personalities. We showcase clothing in the context of lifestyle viz. travel, food, love, relationships, and more.