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Maachli Homestay

Maachli Homestay
The best of both worlds MAACHLI HOMESTAY Surrounded by naturally grown forest, this homestay was built in accordance with the laws of nature. The organically grown vegetables are cooked and served in traditional earthen pots; and the tableware, along with the cutlery are completely environment-friendly. Drive for fifteen minutes westward and you reach one of [...]

Milan – The fashion capital

The Fashion Capital MILAN For modern couples who have a weakness for social media, travel and shopping, we've found the best destination for an escape: Milan. Your holiday will begin with “Ciao, bella!”, and will continue with many moments of amazement. The Duomo Cathedral will leave you speechless. It is hard not to stop in [...]

Paris – Always a good idea!

Paris with Nordlich and Christian & Renata
A Romantic destination PARIS It starts with a simple “Bonjour!” and ends with a love for Paris that you will always carry in your hearts. Known as the city of eternal love or the city of lights, Paris is a good idea for everyone. At least once in a lifetime you have to inhale the [...]